Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Milestone Report

Last week, Justin was out of town. When he finally made his way back home on Friday Mom and Collier were here at our house...I was at a client demo... Mom was changing Collier's diaper when Justin got home and she said that Collier got so excited just hearing Justin's voice and footsteps she could hardly keep him still! He was squealing and so excited to see his Daddy! Then Justin was going in and out unpacking his car and one of the times that he walked out Collier suddenly yelled "Dadda". Mom couldn't believe it and Justin was thrilled to hear it. He chattered Daddadadaddadaaddaaa all night. It was just so precious and sweet! I honestly was starting to get a little worried that he hadn't said Momma or Dadda yet. But I know they all have their own timing! I was so excited to get home and hear him saying Dadda - just wondering now when we'll hear Momma??

On Sunday I put my finger in his mouth to check for teeth and I felt a sharp tooth on the bottom peeking through his gum! It must have come through overnight. I check fairly often because I keep wondering when he is going to get his first tooth. It has arrived. And the second one popped in yesterday! I still haven't actually seen them because when I pull his lip down he sticks his tongue out and I can't move it to see them. But they are mighty sharp and certainly there. He has been doing really well and hasn't been all that grumpy considering that they have broken through his gums. I've prayed a lot asking for God to make it an easy process and that Collier won't feel too much pain and I am thankful that He has answered this prayer so far. Its only the first two and we have a lot more to go. I'll continue to pray and request this before God so that Collier isn't miserable and that he will be able to continue to sleep soundly. I am so thankful!

So in two weeks he has: started walking, said dadda and has 2 teeth. Good gracious, all happening way too fast.

And a funny picture of Brinkley enjoying this beautiful weather! HOORAY
Doesn't this look like fun? We should all run and jump around like that - just not with sticks in our mouth! Ha!

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deidre, george robert and mary martin said...

aw!!! soooo sweet. i still cannot wait to meet this little buddy.