Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Here are a few of Collier's latest happenings:

I'm trying to do the whole sign language thing and MORE is the first that that he has picked up on. And honestly does it the whole time he is in his highchair. I have to make him stop eating and stop sharing with Brinkley. I'm thrilled that he is such a good eater, but he is eating me out of the house and isn't even 15 yet! Beginning of March I started giving him whole milk and he is doing really well with it. I'm still nursing twice a day and I am not ready to give that up quite yet!

Ssome of the latest foods he is eating: peaches (not cooked), blueberries, chicken (not pureed), pasta, normal backed potato and of course sweet potatoes, french fry, grits and sometime cheese grits that Grammie makes for him, cheese, eggs, pears, lima beans, bread/rolls, chicken salad and the latest...cucumber!

Yes....the child is WALKING! He has gotten better and balanced as the week has progressed. We took this video on Monday so I'll take another this weekend and share with everyone how good he is doing. He realizes that he is faster by crab crawl, but really prefers to stand and walk if he can be patient enough to get his balance. He is just growing too fast! He has also started showing a bit of a determined/stubborn side. If you take something from him that he doesn't need to have or move him away from something he will tense up his whole body and scream one loud squeal! Growing pains, right? Yet, he is such a blessing and has the sweetest smile that melts my heart!

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Anonymous said...

I can't belive he is walking already!! He is a doll.
Forgot to tell you last night that I made your yummy breakfast/dessert dish w/ the Cherrios! Loved it!
Thanks for sharing.