Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beach Trip

Last weekend we had a fun opportunity to head to Port St. Joe/Mexico Beach for Justin's cousin's wedding.  It was a great and fun weekend and Collier's first beach and wedding experience.  We got to spend the weekend with Popoo, Nunny, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Eve and that time was really fun and special.  The weather couldn't have been better...matter of fact it was warmer than I thought it would be and I even put on my swimsuit once!  Popoo was gracious with his time with Collier on the beach.  Collier really liked the sand especially the soft sand and loved all of the seagulls!  I told him to chase them but he didn't quite understand.  I know that in another year it will be completely different....he wanted to be held and go and get them.  He would point and grunt at them.  I wanted to feed them before we left but we never did, I think he would have loved seeing them all flock around him - in hopes of no accidental droppings from them.  Oh well, next time for sure!    The condo that we stayed in was just perfect, directly across the street from the beach and Mexico beach is such a quiet area with so few people on the beaches.  You almost felt that you had the whole beach to yourself!  It was really awesome.  Plus the seashells that are on the beach is unbelievable, there are millions of them. 

Collier showed his independence through the weekend at all of the wedding events.  He was more social than I had ever seen him, he walked around (at both the rehearsal dinner and wedding) all by himself.  He didn't want us to  hold his hand or hold him.  He would walk up to people and touch their leg or let them hold him for a second - people that he had never met.  Justin and I just stood back and watched I am sure at times people were like 'where is this child's parents'.   He watched other kids and really was funny how he was so independent.  He danced a lot at the wedding and was just mesmerized by the band.  To have both events be a little later than we are used to being out he did awesome!  The weekend was very sweet and fun and I didn't want it to end.  I really wished that we had a few more days to enjoy.  Hopefully this summer we can do it again renting the same condo plus by then Collier will have another girl cousin and that will be loads of fun.
I will not be held or restrained....let me down...I have people to see

Some random table he walked up to and let this guy put him in the chair.  Who knew he didn't know a stranger???

 Dancing, Dancing and more Dancing
aren't they cute?

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