Thursday, October 7, 2010

For the Love of Brinkley

 Since before we had Collier, I have thought often about the dynamics of our four legged babies with our human babies.  I guess because we love our dogs so much and they are apart of our family I have always wanted Collier to love her as much as we do!  I have to make a side note: I still to this day wonder about how Doc would have been with Collier, I think that Doc would have taken to Collier must quicker than Brinkley has!  BUT since it is just Brinkley for now, I am happy to report that Collier loves this little girl!  The first 3-4 months Brinkley tried her best to pretend that Collier didn't exist and he was just too young to be aware of her.  Gradually he became more and more aware and interested in Brink.  Now he adores her, he sits on her, he bounces on her, he stands on her, he calls her name, he even opens his mouth wide for her to reciprocate kisses, he looks past me every time I walk in the room to see if she is behind me, he chases her with his car,  (that she doesn't like), he pulls her tail,  he finds sticks for her to chew on, he loves to give her his dinner treats and has even learned to feed her - that is put her food in her bowl!  When I ask Collier, 'do you want to go and feed Brink' he jumps up from whatever he is doing and runs for the backdoor.  I scoop the food, he carries it to her bowl and pours it right in...well sort of, he gets most of it in.  But he will at least pick up the 'missed' pieces and put back in her bowl.  This is a HUGE step toward him sitting at her bowl hand feeding her and himself.  He then takes the scoop back out and puts it in her bin.  It is so sweet and I love it deary.  I am not sure that the feelings are as mutual with Brinkley. She is just a mommas girl.  Don't get me wrong I know that Brinkley loves him.  She appreciate all of the goodies that she gets at his meal times, she licks his entire face (usually with his mouth wide open from excitement) in the morning and anytime we walk back into the house, she doesn't move when he sits and bounces on her or when he stands on her to get onto the couch, she is twice as excited when he feeds her than when I do and she especially likes all of the sticks that he gives her.  She doesn't like the tail pulling and we are working VERY hard on that not being a habit.  I've told  Collier more than once that he will 'get a boo boo' if he continues to do that!  Brinkley is so tolerable and patient with him.  But I can tell that he is way more excited about her than she is about him, but still I know that they will bond more and more.  Sometimes I can just look in her eyes and it is as if she is saying....'seriously you are letting him do this...  The more that she realizes that he will/can play with her the more that she will pull toward him.   

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