Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Or maybe lack of routine would better define our past 10 days.  But we are now trying to get back into a routine.   We had a weekend at the lake with Justin's Mom and Step Dad and they so graciously took our little man to their house for a few days and Justin and I headed to the beach for a few days to work!  I had a conference that just happened to also be in Justin's territory and so we took advantage of time together and knocking out a little work and play in the process.  It was great fun and relaxing.  We then picked up Collier and went back to the lake and stayed through the weekend.  It was a fun 10 days but I am so glad to be home and in my very own bed.  Saturday my sinus' decided to go crazy and I haven't been the same sense...I am not sure if it is sinus' or a cold but I am much better today, thank the Lord. Now my house just needs a little attention and we should be in good shape.  Collier told me we needed to vacuum the mess in the kitchen last night as I was getting dinner ready. S.A.D when a two year old informs me that our house is so messy that we need to vacuum. He is indeed correct, but this Momma is just not up for vacuuming just yet.  He loves it so much I should have just let him do it, but I was just too tired to even pull it out.  Instead he went outside to 'mow dass'.  Please Lord, let his desire to help and do stay with him through his teenage years, amen!

Next week, Collier will start preschool two days a week.  Is it preschool or is it mothers day out?  Either way, I am so excited for him and just know that once he gets used to it (past the first few weeks) he is going to love it.  We go and meet his teachers on Friday.  I can't wait.  He needs the structure and socialization.  I think it is going to be sooo good for him in so many ways.  I am a bit of a nervous wreck because I want him to do good and enjoy it but have no idea how he is going to react.  I keep telling myself he'll do great, but then when he breaks out in one of his toddler or bossy fits I just hold my breath and pray that he will not act that way at school!  He is certainly one who know what he wants and isn't afraid to let you know.  Although, according to Mrs. Pam and Mr. Charles he didn't do that at all while he was at their house last week [or they are just being nice and not telling me] but if in fact he didn't, that may help in my head case that he'll do fine and that he just does it mostly to us.  Which is fine too, I would rather him do it at home rather than with others :) I'll certainly update once he gets started!!
M&M's are GOOOD!
New Gator Hat...Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Ken this one is for you!

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Amy Kennedy said...

He is going to love school. I am so excited for him and you. And just from my experience teaching k and preschool, I think kids act different at school than around their parents! At least I hope so for my Hayes' sake. How fun to meet his teachers on Friday! We really missed you last week. Hope you enjoyed your vacation!!