Friday, August 5, 2011

Sweet Time

Please let me back track for a minute.  We have been out of town and on the go, but I certainly want to share [and document] my sweet time with my little man three weeks ago.  We were headed to Dothan for a wedding (a fun wedding, where I learned I had a few followers - Hello Andrew's Family).  Justin was golfing with the guys on Friday afternoon so I dropped him off and CH and I headed to the lake...I had left my rings down there the weekend before and I was feeling naked without them, I was so close and took advantage of the time I had with just Collier and Brinkley.  It was beautiful and sweet to have just one on one time with my sweet baby.  Just the two of us to swim and chill for just a little while.  That is rare and treasured so very much!! Time I am so very thankful for!

 it was actually the three of us!  
bright momma
snack and glasses (this is how he normally wears his glasses)

We then headed back to Dothan were we got to catch up with Popoo and Nunny for the rest of the weekend.  We also stole a little bit of time with Chris and family.  

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