Thursday, July 21, 2011


I called mom yesterday to let her know I was on my way to pick up my little man and guess who answered the phone:

CH: Hey Momma
Me: Hey Baby
CH: What do'in?
Me: I'm coming to get you, what are you do'in?
CH: see Daddie
Me: you want to go and see Daddy?
CH: yeah
Me: do you remember where Momma said Daddy is? Where is Daddy?
CH: out tawn
Me: that's right, Daddy is out of town tonight.  What are you doing with Nammie right now?
CH: vjsoielkjdfns [mumblings I couldn't understand]
Nammie in the background: vacuuming
Me: oh you are vacuuming?
CH: Yeah.
Me: ok, well tell Nammie that I am on the way to pick you up.  see you in a minute.
CH: Ok, bye bye
Me: bye Baby.

I was in total shock and it was just plain weird to have an entire phone conversation with him.  Normally I hear Mom telling him what to say but this was him talking to me.  It was just weird.  Maybe I shouldn't be so shocked but I was.  I immediately called Justin and told him the conversation and he of course laughed - Collier is always cracking me up!  Continued proof that he is just becoming a big boy all to quickly.

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