Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rain, Rain and MORE Rain

Well, not this week...but last weekend while we were at the lake with these cuties.....

it rained the ENTIRE weekend.  From Thursday night to Sunday rained and basically didn't stop.

But that clearly didn't stop our fun.  Despite having 11 people [5 of those kids] at a lake cabin it was still a perfect weekend. Thankfully it didn't actually storm - no thunder and lightening, just a constant drizzle during the day - which meant that the kids could still get out and swim in the rain.  I went out with Collier for a little while on Saturday and let him jump with Emmie.  Sunday all of the adults were determined to get a little lake time in....a small break in the rain and we hit the water...but not for long!  Because after 4 days of no sun and rain the water was way cooler than normal - we were whimps and only swam for a little while before we bailed. The kids on the other hand were perfectly happy and jumped and swam with no complaints!  The older boys even got a few tube rides in the rain!  Toby won Dad of the year for getting out in the rain to pull them.  ha!

Bottom line is that we got some very special time with some of our favorite people.  I loved seeing how each of the Crews boys interacted with Collier.  He is still talking about them and can't wait to see them again very soon!!!
 They [Justin and Landon] made playdough and this is Baylor trying to teach Collier to toss it in the air like making pizza dough.  He was so patient and detailed in showing Collier.
 We made s'mores...well in the was so wet we didn't feel like firing up the grill!! Messy and Yummy, even though we cheated!
Baylor (9) Landon (11) Collier (2) Emmie (3) Corbin (7)

 Thanks Crews family for making the trip!  We had a blast and next time we'll order up some sunshine!  Love yall.

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