Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Interruptions and Potty

Have you ever had a night that just wouldn't work out like you planned? That was my last night.  Here is what I thought had planned

  • Go to the grocery right after work (maybe even leave a little early)
  • Get home around 5:30 and get dinner started
  • Dinner would be turkey tenderloin with a corn salad (I have been eyeing this recipe for weeks and had extra tomatoes from the weekend which the recipe calls for)
  • While dinner is cooking, put together a pound cake to bake in time for dessert
But in reality here is what happened
  • Didn't leave work until almost 5:00 - so much for leaving early
  • Mom called and had left Collier's lovey's at her house (she had dropped him off to Justin so I could go to the grocery and she could go to bible study)
  • Grocery was packed, took longer than I planned.  They didn't have the turkey tenderloin that I had a coupon for. went to plan B of pork tenderloin.
  • Went to Mom's to get lovey's
  • Got home around 6:15
  • Got tenderloin in oven
  • Started making corn salad and realized that I didn't have any tomatoes, went to plan B and was going to saute a (home grown by my brother) squash and as I cut into it, it was all brown.  went to plan C just rice with meat tonight!  
  • Put together pound cake - ready to be put in oven once tenderloin was done
  • Tenderloin cooked slow and wasn't done until 7:20, which meant that pound cake didn't go in until about 7:40 and it needed an hour and 40 minutes to cook! 
Oh well, so we had a bland dinner.  No veggies.   Collier was hungry way before dinner was ready which meant that we didn't all sit together as a family and eat.  No one got dessert because we were all in bed by the time it was done.  I had a rotten attitude because things didn't go my way as planned.  I sort of laughed this morning as I was working on my bible study because my night last night was 'interrupted' but if I had just stopped and realized that maybe it was all for the better and just how God wanted it to go (instead of my way) I maybe could have appreciated it a little more and could have been nicer to my husband.  This bible study is really teaching me that God's divine interventions are so much better than my plans and when things don't go JUST as planned that I should just relax and roll with it.  This is the small scale of life's interruptions.  There are much larger and harder interruptions that we are faced with in life and if I could just realize that when I get put out when things don't go my way that I am really doubting God and saying that my way is better than His...which is absolutely not true!  This is a hard lesson to learn but I am so thankful for the timing of this study and the precious girls that I am doing the study with.  It is a huge blessing and keeping me in God's word and learning His truths!  Nothing could be better.

sleeping in Popoo's bed at the lake few weeks ago
I keep going back and forth about when and if to take Collier out of his crib.  I have always said that I wanted to keep him in the crib as long as possible (will he fit in it when he is 15?), it keeps him in if you know what I mean!  But with potty training I have often wondered if I needed to give him the ability to get up to go potty if ever needed. If he can get up to go potty that will also give him the freedom to get up and come to 'dadda's bed' which he really likes and who could blame him?  But I have also expressed how much Justin and I like our bed space child-free!  Last night Collier started crying and calling for me around 12:30am, he sat up called for me and laid back down, sat up a second time and cried out 'potty momma, potty'  but then laid back down again.  I watched for another minute on the monitor and as soon as he sat up again I decided I would just go in and ask him.  I wasn't sure if he was dreaming but also didn't want to risk him wetting the bed.  When I asked him if he needed to go potty he said yes.  I was very worried that this was a ploy for him to get into our bed.  On the way to the bathroom he said 'where dadda bed?'  He did actually need to go potty and I almost didn't get him on the potty in time, I was so proud of him.  I turned his music back on and put him right back into his bed and he went right back to sleep with out a single peep!  I was so thankful that he didn't ask to go to 'dadda's bed'.  I at least know that he will call for me when he needs to go, I would sort of rather take him anyway...not like he can get on the potty by himself at this point anyway!  But he has also slept in big beds for naps in the past several weeks and he does just fine.  It is a big decision for me but I would appreciate any advice and suggestions for the next step in beds... do I put him in a twin or go to a full?  Any thoughts or suggestions from you experienced mom's?  I am thinking maybe in the fall we might transition.  It makes me a little nervous though to be honest!


Amy Kennedy said...

Love your post. And at least you have a whole poundcake and I hope y'all get to have that for dessert tonight! Maybe that was God's plan for tonight?! Yes our 'man-made' plans will always fail, or not be as good as what He has planned. It's hard to see that in the moment, but looking back things always work out better than what we had planned and don't seem nearly as frustrating the next day. Collier is so cute, I could eat him! Love you! Can't wait to see you tomorrow night!

Crazy Lady said...

great perspective you have on the interruptions of life! I would love to come to your bible study too, sounds awesome. seriously good thing you have the cake! I don't think God wanted your plans to fail, but He is there when they do. I believe life is a test to see what we do in all these situations we are put and if we will still remember Him even when its not how we planned.

by the way, I put Luke from crib to twin and just recently got him a full, that worked for me. some of my girls went straight to a twin but others had a toddler bed first