Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We had the funnest weekend ever!  I was glad to not be traveling and packing and driving!  I made the most of our weekend at home and really enjoyed the whole weekend.

Did I mention how HOT it was?
Friday morning, Mom, Collier and I loaded into the car and headed to Wilsonville to go and pick blueberries.  We arrived around 9:20 and should have gotten there much earlier.  Collier was a very good sport and was interested for the first 10 minutes, he picked berries and put them in his basket and was doing so good.  And then Nammie clued him in to the fact that he could EAT the berries.  Well, little bear ate all his berries and then wanted nothing more to do with picking them.  He walked between mom and I, he then ate a snack, and drank some water and was covered in sweat [all of us were drenched] and had had enough by around 10:30.  Meanwhile, mom and I were picking like crazy.  Getting as low as we could in the middle of those bushes and filling our baskets as fast as we could...we had three to fill and time was running low in the Collier toleration department.  We both rushed and were able to get all of the baskets full....two were filled to the brim and the last one mom basically got full while I headed back to the car to cool off Collier and get loaded back into the car.  It really was fun and I am hoping to go back for one more picking to get enough to get us through winter having fresh blueberries.  I have frozen most of what we picked on this trip.  I also have tried to make anything blueberry that I could think of.  Collier was such a trooper and did so good with just hanging out in the blueberry field.  But he was tired and hot and ready to go by the time we were done and back in the car!

Friday night Justin and I had a date night.  We went to dinner.  Only had to worry about feeding ourselves and had uninterrupted conversations.  We laughed and just enjoyed our time together.  It was quite a special treat to have that time together and get to enjoy one another and just focus on each other.  I don't want to seem as though my motherly duties are any trouble at all...because they are not.  It is an honor to have this sweet baby and I love everything about him - including the interruptions and the crazy dinner time and the toddler fits - he is so special to us!  But it also felt really to focus on being a wife on Friday night and giving my undivided attention to Justin...it just was nice!

Saturday morning Justin and I got a quick run in before getting CH back from my parents!  We then headed downtown to PepperPlace where they have a Saturday Market each week - it is really neat and everything from BBQ, jewelry, crafts and most importantly vegetables!  We went to get some fresh vegi's and I was able to round up tomatoes, green beans, peaches and some local honey.  The down side is that we didn't get down there until just before 10am and it was already HOT.  We were all three drenched again and headed home before actually getting to browse through all of the vendor booths.  We agreed that we need to go back again and get there much much earlier.  This seemed to be the theme this weekend, heat and the need to get outside early as in before 10am because it is already way to hot by that time!

Saturday night we celebrated Poe's birthday and got to play with some sweet friends that we don't get to see as often as we would like.  Jackson and Collier are about 5 months apart and it was fun to see them play together - especially learning how to SHARE!  And the adults got some time to visit as well which is a huge bonus.  Not to mention we ate some really yummy food! I did a terrible job of taking pictures and only captured a few of the kiddo's. I need to do better about that!

Sunday we didn't make it to church, which I was very sad about since it is one of the few weekend that we have been in town.  I am looking forward to fall and getting back into a normal routine.  And just for the sake of keeping it all real here in the bloggy world....Collier only had two bathes this weekend, Friday after blueberry pick'n and then not again until Sunday night.  And with that I nominate myself for mother of the year!

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