Monday, August 22, 2011

Toddler Fits

It happens.  No matter how sweet he is, it just happens.  It has become part of our every day life.  And over the past few weeks it has even changed in how he expresses his disapproval.  Anything from complete meltdown and huge heart breaking tears, to stomping and crying, to hitting and even yelling very loudly.  It is a hard thing to learn that you don't ALWAYS get your way.  It is also hard as a mom to know how to discipline in the middle of these toddler fits, meltdowns, tantrums...whatever you want to call them.  I need to go and pull out my 'parenting by the book' book and refresh my mind on handling these fits.

As hard as these fits can be and especially on days that they happen more frequently, there is the other side of his personality that is revealing itself that is totally sweet and also very funny.  He is very matter of fact in his tone and in communicating.  Justin and I laugh about how he will say 'yeah' to a question that we've asked as if he is saying isn't that clear and did you even have to ask.    After a week away from Nammie (Mom was in Chicago all of last week) he decided last night that he wanted to go to see Nammie and Pops.  Problem was that he had already had a bath, PJ's on and it was nearing 8pm.  Here was our conversation:

Me: How are you going to get there
CH: car
Me: who is going to drive you?
CH: you dawive me?
Me: I've got to clean up the kitchen and then I need to go night night.
[He walks to Justin]
CH: dawive
JH: What?
CH: You dawive
JH: what?
CH: [with his hands at 10 and 2 does the stearing wheel motion]
JH: oh you want me to drive you?
CH: yeah
JH: where are we going?
CH: Nammie and Pops
JH:  No, we all need to go night night and you are going to Nammie's tomorrow

Way to funny.  He can be so sweet and so loving.  And then in the snap of a finger he can become a little monster in throwing a complete fit.  Its all part of this process of growing and learning!  And I know that he is doing both!  Just praying that God will help me and Justin be the parent's that Collier needs us to be and that we are pleasing to Him all along the way.

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