Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Conversations with Collier

Let's be honest: if I don't put them on here or immediately write type them out I will forget.  I can hardly remember what I did 5 minutes ago.  Not to mention things that he says are just funny...and that could be because I am his mom and I think he is really funny in which case I am just posting so that when I read them later I will laugh again...even if I am the only one laughing! [can anyone scream run-on-sentence]
Let me give you a little background on this. Over a year ago Collier went to the doctor with my mom and in the waiting area they had tiny new testament bibles.  Collier took one and has called it his 'bibull' ever since. He likes to carry it and play with it and so we let him.  One day he took it with him for nap time and I haven't been able to find it for a few months....I looked under the bed, changed sheets,etc and couldn't find it.  Today I was getting some boxes out from under his bed and spotted it.  He was thrilled and it was one of his three book choices for bed time that night.  We read the other two and I asked if he wanted me to read out of his bibull and here is how it went down:
Me: do you want me to read you a story out of your bible
CH: no, its my bibull
Me: yeah I know but it has stories in it just like your other books but it just doesn't have pictures
CH: [opens to a page] Jesus loves me and you can't read any of it
Me: yes you are right, Jesus does love you.  you don't want me to read you a story from your bible
CH: no its mine.
Me: ok, I hear ya!
from the looks of it we need to be doing more reading and learning from Jesus....especially in the kind words and sharing lessons!  Oh in due time :)

Last week Collier hasn't been able to find his 'done' aka an old phone that we gave him and he used it to take pictures....I haven't seen it in weeks but he has been looking for it.  So after he and Justin looked around with no luck of finding it,  I heard him tell Justin he was going to get his 'bibull'.  I was in the kitchen giving Kenley a bath so I was not in the same room.
CH: I'm going to get my bibull
JH: ok
CH walks back in the den with the bible, opens it up 'reading': we are good boys and we can dine my done
JH: is that what it says....please go and tell you Mom what it says
CH walk into the kitchen opens his bible: My bable says dat  we can dine my doone.
Me: oh good.
JH; no tell her what it says first before we can find your phone
CH: that we are good boys and dat we can dine my done.
Me: oh boy...Jesus does know where your phone is we should ask Him to show us where to look to find it.
Nice! this is twice that he has read out of his bible and said that he and Justin are good boys.
Also reoccurring theme is that we losing things around our house...

I'll be back with some updates on Kenley and our sleep!

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