Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kenley - 6months and more

This little stinker is already 6 months.  She is so busy and active. She has been pulling up and even start trying to take steps in the past week.  She has taken several steps when pushing something [Collier's step stool].  She is working hard to master climbing stairs at Mom and Dad's [YIKES].  Nothing is slowing this little monkey down.  
She has gotten brave enough to let go when standing a hand full of times just this week.  See what I mean when I say busy!  I always said my favorite stage with Collier was 7-9months because he was sitting up good and strong but not yet crawling.  I could leave him with toys and at least switch over the laundry or get dinner started with him on the kitchen floor close by.  Not so much with Kenley that sitting up stage with no crawling was only about a week long at 4 months.  Mom likes to remind me that I was fully walking by 8 months and it looks like Kenley is on the Shannon track, woopsy.  Pay back!
 Sleep is getting better.  Last week was awesome, including one ALL NIGHT sleep [Tuesday night].  But over the weekend she was up twice again.  The past two nights have been back to only being up once.  I will be honest that I just don't mind the once a night feeding.  That way I get at least one solid stretch of 4-5 hours sleeping.  Justin really has the magic touch of getting her down in the evenings..when I put her down she will just roll over and stand up reaching for me.  I wonder if this is because she can smell me, even though she isn't hungry she just thinks that she should be in my arms.  Who knows but since Daddy has the magic touch I let him put her down in the evenings.  I miss him greatly when he is out of town!
  I also am starting back with solids this week. I have randomly been giving her solids but nothing consistently and plan to get on schedule now that she has reached 6 months.  I really wanted to wait until 6 months to get her started and I am glad that I have. She has had bananas and oatmeal this week and is doing pretty good with it.  I am certain that more of it is on her hands and bib than in her tummy [although her diapers are starting to show otherwise] and she really does like playing, holding and biting on the spoon.   I am really excited about getting back to making baby food again, I really enjoy it and love doing it.  I know that Collier will also love helping me too.  This weekend Sweet Potatoes and Apples are on the menu to be made for our little Ms.Priss.
Her 6 month check-up was good.  Dr. Amy said that she is perfect, so how can you really complain about that.   She weighed 16lb 9oz [60th%].  She is 26.75" long [78th%].  She has 16.75" head circumference [60th%].  She also got 3 shots.  Collier went with me and he stood in the hallway while Kenley got her shots, he says he doesn't want to see her shots.  I think he doesn't want to hear her cry.
SideNote: It is really nice to have a female doctor who can relate to some of the sleepless nights and advise what she did with her own kids...and even more specifically with breastfeeding advice.  I am really glad that we have switched to Dr. Amy.
I look forward to seeing what the next months will bring.  I need to double check my baby-proofing around the house as she becomes more and more mobile.  She'll probably be driving next week, so look out!

I am thrilled about cooler fall weather being on the way.  I am praying that we'll have a nice and cool fall and winter this year!

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