Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

We went to the morning Children's Christmas Pageant service on Christmas Eve.  This was the first year that Collier was old enough to participate in the Pageant.  He got to choose what he wanted to be, either an animal (donkey, cow, sheep), angel or shepherd.  He choose to be a shepherd and was a little disappointed to not get to carry a staff.  I got to help him get dressed up as a shepherd and he was so cute and particular about where he needed to be and what he was going to be doing.  He processed in and then sat quietly for his turn to go up with the shepherds to sing their song.  He did great!  Kenley went to the nursery!!

After church we came home and ate lunch and then had an early visit from Santa. We were his very first stop before he headed to deliver all of his toys.  Collier was so excited and just ran and jumped in his lap. So cute and sweet!  Kenley wasn't quite as sure...she cried when Mom put her in Santa's lap but then would look at him, smile and then turn away followed by another peek and smile.  Collier also go to help Santa with his other gifts for the rest of us.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the Batman helicopter that Santa brought and sort of taking it easy.  I did a little cooking for our Christmas dinner.  It was a fun but busy day for sure.

On Christmas Eve Eve we went to Mom's to make cookies for Santa.  Collier wanted to make chocolate cookies.  He loves to be a helper and especially in the kitchen!  Plus anything that involves chocolate and sprinkles makes him very very happy! special and fun times!

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