Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Time...Flying By!

Where oh where oh where does the time go?  Geesh, it is flying by and I CAN.NOT.KEEP.UP.  Someone help!  Ok.  Seriously here are the high point of what we have been up to since my last post.

Samuel the elf has come to visit and has been busy and doing all that he can to teach Collier to have an imagination (More on Samuel later)

We tried for Christmas Card Pictures - We tried to have fun! 
this year the bribe was a sprite for cooperation.

We celebrated Justin's Birthday!!  
 These sweet cheeks had their first ever bubble bath and LOVED it!
 She also had eggs for the first time...did NOT love those so much.  spit them out!

 Collier went to spend 5 days with Mela and Buzz..loved every minute and did not want to come home.  
I missed him like crazy but really loved the time with Justin and Kenley.  A little easier and quiter when wild man isn't here.  But like I said, I counted the minutes for him to get back home.
Justin got stuck in the bathroom for about 30 minutes and now we no longer have a door handle!  ha.
Collier had his Christmas program at school and he feel asleep in between his class singing and the end of the program (waiting in the choir loft) and wasn't happy to be awake for pictures at the end.....see the results!  
He didn't want to take pictures and so he turned his back to all of the parents.  Oh lovely!

My sweet baby keeps growing bigger and bigger...why?
 anything can be used as a teether...even a deer grunt
Collier is still trying to understand Kenley, sharing and just being sweet to his sister.  It is my prayer for 2013 that God will soften his heart toward her.  This is the standard...Collier pushing or keeping Kenley away from whatever is his.  Praying for less of this!
He was kind enough to share his 'nails' from his tool box with her.  See everything is a chew toy for Kenley
 She loves and adores him and just wants to do whatever he is doing.  She laughs at him all the time. 
Here they are playing.  I think this may be one of the first instances of them play together.  He was pushing and pulling the basket with her walking on the other side and laughing at every single thing he did.  This is what I am praying for more of!

Sorry for the photo dump.  Hope to be a little more caught up.  Can't believe that it is only a week to Christmas.  Where oh Where does the time go?

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