Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kenley - 9 months

My little munchkin bug is 9 months and we made a quick trip to the doctor for our 9 month wellness visit. Here are her stats:

Weight: 18LB 10oz - about 50th percentile
Height: 28.25" - about 60th percentile
Head Circ.:  17.5"  -about 75th percentile (she has a big nogg'n)

And just in time for her 9 month mark she took 8 steps for my mom yesterday.  Mom called me yesterday morning and said 'she just took 4 steps'. next call '6 steps' and then by the end of the day it was 'she took 8 steps'.  She has been walking and pushing things and even just standing without holding on to anything for a while now.  But she is officially getting brave enough to know she can take steps too.  It doesn't take long for her to realize she can get to what she wants much quicker when she crawls.  It is such a big milestone and I was so happy to see her taking those steps when I got is a little bitter-sweet though.

The doctor said that all foods are a go (except nuts and fish) so I guess we will be adding more and more table foods to her meals.  I have noticed that she is not wanting to be still long enough to  nurse as much and just hope that she can continue for a few more months.  It is my favorite part of each day (minus the time at work when I am attached to the pump) I just love holding her in my arms, so very sweet and for such a short time!

A few things just for the record: her hair does stand straight matter what I do as long as it is dry it is standing straight up.  It is starting to fill in thicker and maybe laying down some.  But she got this honest...My mom only took one picture of me without a bonnet and that was only because my Dad made her and now I see why!  
look at that hair and those eyes!
One of my Mom's best friends called me porcupine!  Clearly my case was way worse than her's....
Now looking at this picture, I understand why mom didn't want any pictures with out the bonnet.  goodness gracious at that hair!   But I do love Kenley's soft fuzzy hair standing straight up so cute!  Hopefully as her hair continues to grow it will lay down better than mine did...otherwise I will be investing in some bonnets!

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