Friday, February 15, 2013


Collier had his class Valentines party on Wednesday. We put his valentines together the night before...nothing like being last minute.  He was having a hard time understanding why he was giving these to all his friends.  He told Justin he was taking surprises to his friends at school and he was going to get surprises from them...close enough!

They made valentines necklaces before they got heart shaped doughnuts and snacks

Yesterday, I made heart cinnamon rolls for Collier's breakfast and he got lots of goodies from his grandparents that he got to open.  He then packed it up to go to Nammy's...he didn't want to leave anything behind he was so excited about his valentine surprises.   He was especially happy about his harmonica aka his microphone or barmonica.  And we are not short of candy - not sure which is worse - halloween or valentines! We rounded our night off with hamburgers (true romance in the Hicks house hold) and I also made a strawberry cake for our dessert.
 Thank you Pinterest
 tapping his foot to his tunes

 I am on a quest to find a good strawberry cake recipe for someone's 1st birthday that is coming up verrrry soon! - if you have a favorite...please share!
Collier also go some mustaches and we had quite a bit of fun with those

I will leave you with a Valentines performance by the one and only....

Sorry for the shaky camera work...I had a little money in my lap!

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