Monday, February 4, 2013

Annual Butt-Off

We celebrated the  annual Butt Off today.  The all day cooking of Boston Butts that are judged by all who are present at half time to taste and determine the Best and the Worst Butt's cooked for the day.  We had a good time and a good day.  Lots of food, fun, visiting, football and did I mention food?

The cooks....Poe, Justin, Smiley, Patten (who refused to look at the camera)
 The ballots...we vote for the best and the worst
 reading the votes
 Jen giving a little Biance while reading the votes
 proudly took the trophy

Smiley won the toilet seat for the worst!  
So when we vote every year I never know which number Justin's is, so I try and guess based on taste and vote for him.  But the past two years I votes for others thinking I was voting for Justin.  It was a clear and easy decision, I knew that #3 was the best tasting and when I found out his was #3, I knew he would win.  He did awesome and cooked it up perfectly this year.  So proud of him.  

when we crawled in the bed last night and I was about to give him a kiss...he said 'come here and kiss a champion'.  Oh boy the bragging is only beginning.  

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