Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last Weekend

It was a fun weekend...although we missed Justin, since he was hunting.  

Friday after school, Justin and I met with Collier's teachers to just be sure he is where he is supposed to be.  No surprise, that he is doing great and is sweet in school and right where he should be.  I know he is smart but I never know how or what he is doing at school and it was a good confirmation from his teachers that he is doing what he is supposed to do!

Collier is in the 'don't take my picture' phase.  As soon as he see's my camera he does stuff like this...

which makes me crazy since I am trying to do better about taking more pictures and capturing what we are up to.  Be warned, you will probably see more toy's than Collier.  But sometimes I can bribe him to put the toys down and let me take a picture of his sweet face...sometimes I'm successful other times, not so much!

Saturday we made a quick trip to the grocery is my new effort to shop on Saturdays instead of Sundays.  And Saturday morning are GREAT time and not crowded at all....unlike the mass chaos that is all day on Sundays.  And then after Kenley woke up from her afternoon nap we packed up a picnic and headed to Aldridge Garden's for some outside fun.  We took a soccer ball and football to play with after we ate our lunch.  It was such a nice day and perfect for us to enjoy the outdoors.  We fed the fish, packed up and went home in time for us all to get a good nap!  

 Kenley wanted Collier's sandwich and he doesn't share his food [much like his Daddy]

 She is even trying to climb the fence... while Collier was feeding the fish
 Quack Quack

Sunday we went to church and relaxed for the afternoon waiting for Daddy to get back home!  We were all glad to have him back home.  It is way better when Daddy is home!

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