Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snow Day

Justin and I love snow.  We love cold weather and just die at the possibility of snow in our area.  So, last week when they said there was a chance for snow, we both got really excited.  Justin was out of town and headed back on Thursday morning.  He called when he got to Clanton and it had just started to come down.  I was so sad to be at work and not at home to play with Collier.  But Nammy came through and played with him.  They made snow balls and did lots of snow ball throwing!  She said he ran all over the yard and had a BLAST!!  I wish I could have been there to join in the fun, but so thankful to have such a fun Nammy to play and participate with him!

 I left his gloves at home that  morning...so he wore Mom's garden gloves, ha!

By the time I got off the snow had stopped but the roads were a little yucky!  As soon as we got home Justin took Collier down to a neighbors (who has older children) and they all had a blast running around, throwing snow balls and even making a snow man.  So much fun.  I missed out because I was either at work or at home with Kenley...it was a little too cold for her.  But it was still lots of fun and it was so pretty watching it come down and cover everything in while.  So beautiful!

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