Monday, January 7, 2013

My Final Christmas Post - Korey Family

I feel like I have been on a never ending Christmas posting extravaganza.  But I wanted to be sure to get it all in, just for the record.  The week of Christmas Mom, Justin and I managed to make Kibbie and Grapeleaves for when the Korey clan arrived.  Cooking these is a little labor intensive but more than anything it is getting the experience of it...the more we cook it the easier it is.  We need to do it more because it is so delicious and comforting to my soul.  It makes me miss my Grandma and Aunt Ida but it is so fun to cook these things and remember them!

So, we celebrated Christmas the weekend after with my family and it was so much fun.  Chris, Amanda and the girls came up for the weekend and we were so happy to have them here.
Collier loves his Dothan cousins...he didn't want to let go of Ash to go home for the night!
 Nammy and Pops with the grandbabies...minus Kenley who was snoozing.
 Pops reading Dora to Hayden (who wants to be Dora)
 Present time!  so fun!
 Squeeze Hugs

 These two would slide down the stairs on their belly and then race back up...loads of fun!

We had a great time and so thankful for all of our families and love our time with each of them.  It was the perfect ending to all of our Christmas fun celebrations.

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