Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy New Year

Well, Now that we have all of Christmas wrapped up and put up I can finally welcome 2013. I wish you the happiest year filled with blessings and love.  I do not know what lies ahead for 2013 but I know that I want to draw closer to Jesus.  To be in His presents, in His will, living a life that is guided by Him and not me and my selfish ways.  I desire to be right with Him so that I am pleasing to Him.  I pray that I will rely on Him more often through every day.  I pray that my family and friends will see and know His love like never before.  Here is to being His light shining in a dark world.
  Have you read or heard about the OneWord Challenge?  Several of the blogs that I follow have posted about it and I have been praying a few days on this and it is really hard.  I have a few in my mind but am waiting for God's confirmation on what He wants me to focus on this year that can really define me.  When I decide I will share...I think the point of the challenge is to start the year off with it but I am clearly a little behind!

Welcomed Kenley into our family!!! Precious Baby
SummerFavorites 2012
The other thing that I am doing this year is Beth Moore's scripture memory.  24 verses in 12 months and praying for a sharp mind and committed heart to get me through each and every verse.  I know I can not do this on my own and it will only be by His power and help that I will be able to do it.  I am excited to see what He has in store for me to commit to my heart this year.  I participated two years ago and was amazed at what He taught me!  When we put His word in our hearts the blessings are endless.  Ann Voskamp really grabbed my heart in this post when she said ' What you really know by heart is what your heart really knows - and what you really live.'  She went on to ask 'Will you spend your days meditating on His Word or your worries?' I want to it be His word and when I learn His word I will have it in my heart and mind so that in times of worry, I can pull them out and focus back on Him.  I also like that she said 'When you memorize Scripture, it's like carrying your own oxygen tanks.'  Amen Sister!
Fall/WinterFavorites 2012
One other thing I want to do more of this year (not exactly spiritual) is get back to running more consistently.  I got new running shoes and clothes for Christmas so I am all geared up, just a matter of hitting the pavement!

Happy New Year!

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