Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 months and growing

She is Cute! Yes, I am biased

even if she is drooly

and has cute cheeks: 

She is busy

She likes to climb

She knows when she is doing something she shouldn't be and she laughs...HARD
especially when climbing up the stairs at Mom and Dad's. And just for the record Christmas Day she disappeared and we found her in my mom's room which meant that she climbed all of the stairs and went all the way down the hallway by herself.  We are lucky she didn't take a big crash.  But really she has some good balance and can make it up stairs really well!  She has good balance**see above!

She likes bubble baths the best.  But also likes to sit under the faucet. But doesn't really like it when I pour water over her head.  Which makes no sense at all!
She likes to snuggle with her lovey's.  Lamby, blankets and a bear
She walks and even started running....she is fast

This was the first time I put hard-bottom shoes on took her a little bit to adjust to them on feet!

She hasn't taken well to table food and prefers baby food

She thinks her brother is really funny.  She is right about that.  she adores him and wants to do all that he is doing.  

 She has 6 teeth ALREADY: 4 on top and 2 on bottom

She is 10 months!
My baby keeps growing. Such a sweet baby girl.  Thankful for her every day!

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