Monday, August 4, 2008

Catch-Up Part 2

So, we spend all of last week at the beach. Well we were in San Destin at the Baytown Whorf, which is a fabulous and wonderful resort that is on the bayside of the beach. I had a conference on Wednesday- Friday, we were at the lake on Sunday and Monday afternoon we drove down to Destin. Monday and Tuesday were supposed to be off days...well, I ended up working quite a bit on Tuesday,which took away from my beach time - can we say job security? I did manage to squeeze in about 3 hours at the pool in between the rain and the phone calls from work. I can't really complain, I was out of the office and on the companies dime. Life was good. Justin and I certainly ate good and we actually had the opportunity to meet up with some friends and spend some quality time catching up with them. We even went out on the boat one day with a group from the conference, it was overcast all day - but we still enjoyed ourselves. It really was a wonderful trip and I have some very shocking news....we never went on the beach! WHAT! Between the conference and rain we never made it over to the beach side. I was sick when we left and I realized that. The whorf is its own little community with restaurants, night life and anything else that you may want/need. Still no excuse, that was my only beach trip for the year. Crap, did I really just do that? Well, to late to change it now! but still...CRAP!
Friday we headed back to the lake for the weekend. It was really so much fun to just relax and not answer any phone calls or emails! We relaxed and of course the dogs were enjoying their last bit of lake time. They stayed with Mom and Dad at the lake all week while we were at the beach - needless to say they were tired when we got home on sunday. It is really funny to watch them enjoy the water like they do! Enjoy the pix of them - most are from the lake but a few were just too darn cute to NOT include! Ok, so I'm bragging a little ABOUT MY BABIES!

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