Thursday, August 7, 2008

Update Intermission


Well last night Justin was out of town and so I had dinner alone. It is hard to cook for one, but thanks to my dear friend Lindsey I made a Turkey Wrap. The night before (Justin was also out of town) so Lindsey joined me for dinner AND she brought me a surprise...tortilla wraps....just like the ones at Amsterdam's! Is she a saint or what - company for dinner and Amsterdam's wraps, friends can't get better than this! Which that set up for my dinner last night and my mind started wondering 'can I make sweet potato chips too'. After a little research and eliminating 100's of recipes for frying the sweet potatoes, I decided on a simple recipe to bake them. They turned out OK - next time I need to slice my chips slightly smaller and they need to cook a little longer (almost 2 hours) a few of them were a little softer in the center. None the less, I thought I was back in Auburn...if only I had a to-go box, I would have put it in that to make me really feel like I had just ordered out from good ole Amsterdam's. My night was I watched a movie - August Rush and if you haven't seen this movie yet it is really sweet but chicka's you will cry so be ware!

For all of you lost people who have never been to Amsterdam's in Auburn, I apologize. You should certainly consider making a trip to auburn to enjoy this delicious slice of heaven in a turkey wrap and sweet potato chips! And to all of you who have eaten there and who enjoyed many many eat in and to go orders of turkey wraps with me...I know your mouth is now watering. Mine is just thinking about it. Or you can call me and I'll serve you up a turkey wrap...I'll need a little notice for the sweet potatoes!

Ok. well this was just an intermission in between all of updating from last week. I have one more up date to share my 5K run before we went to the beach!


Tara said...

Oh Amsterdam's turkey wrap, sweet potatoe chips, and honey mustard...yummy! I used to get Andrew to bring me some home when he had to go see folks for work in Auburn. My favorite! And Niffer's corn nuggets were a close second. Do you know where she happened to get the tortilla wrap like Amsterdam's? I have looked for that specific wrap and can't find it anywhere.

Linz said...

Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I think I could eat a turkey wrap every day for the rest of my life. And to think that I went 29 years with never having one! Such a shame. Tara - I bought the wraps at Whole Foods in Birmingham. They are with the fresh breads, are Whole Foods brand, and are called "lavash" bread.