Thursday, August 14, 2008

Final Update

The Saturday before we went to the beach I ran a 5K with my friend Crystal. It was a retro run and everyone was supposed to dress up in their 70's and 80's garb. Well, in effort to survive the race and not be bogged down by an outfit, I went standard with a pair of short shorts and 80's looking t-shirt, Hair in pig tails and big polka dot bows, sweat bands on each wrist. Speaking of sweat bands, I'm not exactly sure how those got lost or out of style because they are really handy. It was great to have those to wipe my face with that instead of with my greasy fingers. Anyway, I'll probably be wearing those again - even if they aren't exactly stylish.
We did do very well in the run. We ran the entire time and were very proud of our selves. It was Crystal's first ever 5K and it was my first in about 4 years. Needless to say we were just thrilled to have finished with out walking! We hope to run a few more over the next couple of months.
I will probably have pictures to add soon. Justin took a few pictures, but most of them were fuzzy. He did get some good one's of other people in their outfit choices - which were a bit crazy.
Ok, I think that we are all updated on the past several weeks. I can finally post about current stuff now. I'm not sure that yall even cared to hear about all of it, but I still wanted to share it. We are still getting up really early to run at least two or three mornings per week. It is really great to have exercise done in the morning, but by about 8pm I am ready to dive into the bed. Speaking of 8:00 I'm fading fast and headed towards bed now. Night night and sweet dreams to you all (well except all of you that are catching up during the day :)


Gail said...

Hi Shannon! I have been wanting to write you for some time. I LOVE your blog and enjoy keeping up with you and your family. I sure did miss a lot of your growing up! Your Mom shares e-mails with me and so I can learn how things are going in your lives. God has opened your heart and you have become such a lovely, kind, and sweet woman. It seems like just...yesterday you ran into the church (age around 3)wearing sunglasses! You even made, Father Mel...laugh out loud. What a darling Lil' girl you were. I just love your heart! In his love, Gail Mitchell

Cheryl said...

Hey....loved your updates.
Esp. pics of your children and the video of Ashlyn throwing the ball.
God is SOOOO good.
He has blessed us beyond our understanding.We must stop and look into His eyes and praise and thank Him. Have a great week.