Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Here it is....

Ok , so I finally finished. I have to admit that I always get great ideas...or should I say I fall in love with other peoples ideas...and then I get the thought of 'I can make that'. Well 90% of the time I get materials and then realize that I can not figure out how to pull it together or I just never finish it. I always have such good intentions and usually it is to save some money b/c the actual product is more than what I am willing to pay for it. In this particular case. I got the idea off of and theirs was actually a ballerina - but I liked the idea of doing a witch instead!

So. I am really proud that this one came together and that I am pleased with the outcome.

So, these pumpkins became this.....

Yeah. Isn't she cute. The picture actually doesn't do her much justice, she is adorable sitting on my porch. I really do love her. It did take me several hours but it was fun - every minute of it! She needs a name...any ideas?
I hope that you enjoy her and if you can, stop by and say hello! hee hee. The sad part is that since we live on a busy street we don't get any trick or treaters. We love Halloween and seeing he precious kids dressed up in their costumes. But, we have to go to Mom and Dad's to see any Trick or Treaters. That's OK though, we still love the season. One last pictures to share of her with my handsome Doc.

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Crazy Lady said...

super cute. Good witch names-- Myra or Sadie (for a nice witches)