Monday, December 8, 2008

Birthday Champion

Today is Justin's birthday and he is such a wonderful man and certainly deserves a post all to himself! Not only is he my hero but he is the love of my life and he makes my life fun and interesting. I am blessed to have him as my sweet husband. Here are a few of my favorite things about him...this list could quickly get out of hand so as I said A FEW

  1. I love that he always makes me laugh

  2. He is the best and biggest snuggler I know and it is awsome to get into bed every night and sunggle up

  3. He is really just a big kid

  4. He cooks with me and helps so much in the kitchen

  5. He is smokin hot!

  6. He is very much a traditional person - he doesn't like to make changes to traditions but we certainly know that with baby Hicks this also will change

  7. As mentioned before, I love that He loves Christmas season and all of the decorating and fun that goes along with it

  8. Did I mention how funny he is?

  9. He love me!

Ok. I'll stop there so I don't bore all of you. Here's to wishing my hubby a Happy and wonderful birthday because he deserves it.


Cheryl said...

Enjoyed your blog.
In the thankful column I would like to say a huge thank you to our Lord for my husband and awesome children and their spouses and grandchild plus. Shannon, I love you and I love your heart that is filled with God and His love. Thank you for sharing.

Gail said...

I, too, dear, give THANKS to God for the entire Korey loving family!!! I miss all of you. Have a blessed Christmas. I sure miss Dothan, The Nativity, and Mel, and y'all this time of the year! We used to have the best Christmas in Dothan...I miss it all. Love, Gail

Lindsey said...

hey shannon. i don't know if you remember me but i came across your blog awhile ago (not sure how?!). i had no idea that you and justin married! that is awesome. i would love to hear your story. and congrats on the baby too. how things continue to go well for you guys. just wanted you to know i was reading...
lindsey (phillips) salter

Lindsey said...

i meant "hope" things continue to go well?!

tmiller said...

Hey Shannon,
I was blog stalking today and found your blog! Congrats on the baby!

Tipi Colley Miller

Tara said...

That was such a sweet post Shannon. It amazes me that you two were brought together in marriage after all those years of friendship. How neat is that? Like Lindsey, I would love to hear the story. You have a hilarious husband, but he is also very kind. I hope ya'll have a wonderful Christmas, and I can't wait to hear about the baby soon!
Oh, and tell Justin anytime I hear about the drink "melon ball", I still laugh and think about Eddie, Eric, and him. They were obsessed with that for awhile back in the day. Take care!

Robyn said...

Shannon, reading what you wrote about Justin was amazing. I am blessed to know you two as a Christian couple. You two are absolutely amazing. And soon to be adding a third :) Congratulations again!!