Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After

Wow! We had such a wonderful Christmas and it is hard to believe that it is over. We started Christmas Eve with a wonderful church service with Justin's Dad and Step Mom. We then enjoyed the evening with Ryan and Eve(his brother and sister in law). Christmas day we headed to his grandparents house to celebrate with his Mom and family. Not only did Santa come but we certainly enjoyed some delicious food along with fun with the family and Aunt Penny's Wii!

We then headed to Compass Lake to celebrate with my family. Santa even made a visit, although he was a little tired from his late night delivery, it was fun to have him stop by for a short amount of time. Justin and Mom made home made lasagna for our dinner -can I scream YUMMY. We hanging out at the lake until Sunday when we'll head home. I am enjoying the quite lake and I wish that it was cooler and NOT close to 70 degrees.....I thought that it was supposed to be cold at Christmas time.

People keep saying that once you know what you're having it makes is more real. This is very true but I'll also admit that when I was opening gifts yesterday for our baby boy it was odd. Knowing that these things, and especially clothes, would be for our child. Hard to believe but it has felt more and more real. I'll post pictures soon from our Christmas.

I hope that you are all relaxing and enjoying your weekend after Christmas. If you are traveling-safe travels.

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Gail said...

Please tell your mom and dad "HI" for me! I miss them so. Hope the New Year is wonderful for all of you! Love, Gail