Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Great Help

I have been blessed with great in-laws, I think that I've mentioned this before and if I haven't I should have. Last week my MIL came to stay with us a few nights - Justin was out of town one night so she came to be with me so that I wasn't alone for the night...HA who am I fooling, she came to be with Collier! Wow what big help she was. She not only stayed up with Collier at night when he chose to be wide awake at 1am but she helped me around the house a ton. I have to especially share the hard work that she and my mom put into our yard. Our front bushes had almost over taken the front of our house plus weeds had covered my front flower bed. The two of them jumped in and trimmed the bushes and weeded and planted my planter. It now looks so great and welcoming.

It was great to have extra helping hands, especially from a loving Grandmother who loves Collier so much. Collier certainly enjoyed his time with his Mela and I was so thankful to have that time with her and to have her help. Thanks Mela so much for being there for us!

One thing that I had never really thought much about when having children is the reaction of your parents and grandparents. You know that they all love you (as their child and grandchild) so much, but to see how they glow and to see their excitement and joy when they hold your child is so neat. I watch them all hold Collier and the love that flows from them is sweet and satisfying to a mother's soul. They are all so giddy over this child, it is such a sweet sight. I am thankful that Justin and I have such wonderful, loving, supportive and involved parents!


Crazy Lady said...

i agree. i love that my parents and inlaws are the only people who love my kids as much as i do.

makes you realize how much your mom loves you when you realize how much you love your kid.

Gail said...

And....your LIL' guy is beyond lucky...He has not one...but two...GREAT Grandma's! And, so pretty they both are, too! He is one lucky LIL' man!