Thursday, May 7, 2009

One Week

Wow a week can really fly by and I know that we'll be saying this about months and years in our very near future. Everyone says it but it is very true! A week ago today we welcomed little Collier into our family with joy and thanksgiving. I admire him so much and love that he is here (I think that I've said this a thousand times) but to hold and love on him is so satisfying to the soul. I no longer have to wonder what looks like but can watch him all day long. I am thankful that God created him for our family and for Justin and I to raise and be pleasing to Him in our parenting.

Which brings me to my next topic...Parents...I am thankful that both Justin and I both have such supportive and loving parents. All that I want to be able to give to Collier we have been given through our parents. I am so appreciative for all of them. They were all here to welcome Collier into our family - yes at 1:00 in the morning they all rushed to the hospital to eagerly await his arrival. They dropped everything and drove up as soon as they heard that I was going to the hospital. They then proceeded to clean (deep clean) my entire house for us - Have I mentioned when my water broke that I was not at all hospital bag was packed and certainly this house wasn't cleaned or ready for a new baby to arrive much less to have company. This was a huge help and it was so refreshing to walk into my house and that it was clean and straight - Thank you Mr. Randy and Mrs. Cher for all of your hard work! They also stayed several days and brought us meals in the hospital and were willing and wanting to be there for us. Mrs. Pam and Mr. Charles thank you for all that you do for us! Mom and Dad have been so helpful since we've been home. Mom has been here to help with Collier as we figure things out (how to bathe him) as well as being sure that we are able to get some sleep. I love that they drop by just to see Collier because they are passing our house on the way to or from home. It has been wonderful and especially all of the help last night when Justin was out of town. What would we do with out our precious parents who are here. I am thankful for them. I appreciate them and I most of all my love over flows for each and every one of them!

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Lauren J. said...

Your words are so true about parents! They are truly wonderful and such blessings. The love you have for your parents is so enhanced watching them as grandparents! You appreciate them in so many new ways. Enjoy your bundle of joy! Baby boys are the best!

On a different note, could you please tell Mr. Hicks that I said hello? (Lauren Green Justiss) He gave me my first teaching job of Kindergarten at Ashford Academy. He helped me get started by giving me my perfect dream job. I think the world of him. Please let him know that I have a little boy now and I'm a stay-at-home mom (but do plan to go back to teaching once my kid(s) are in school. Thanks.

May God continue to bless you with your little boy!