Monday, May 4, 2009

Settling In

We arrived home on Saturday afternoon and are doing our best to get settled into life with Collier. He has done really well and is nursing much better (thank you for all of the prayers - I really felt them) We had a little trouble with getting him to latch on or even seem interested but since we've been home he has done really well. I went today and weighted him and he has gained a half of an ounce. When we left the hospital he was down to 6LB, so I was very satisfied that he had not lost any more weight. We are doing pretty good at night getting at least one 3 hour stretch in between feedings. He is so sweet and I just love to have him in my arms. Oh what a sweet feeling!

Mom and i went to Babies R Us and Walmart this afternoon and Justin stayed home with Collier. Justin is such a sweet daddy and husband - he only called me once and was great the rest of the time. By the time we were done at those two places I was very tired and I actually missed him for the 3 hours that we were gone.

Brinkley also made it home today. She has been staying with Mom and Dad since Wednesday and I was so very glad to have her home today and tonight. She is very curious about Collier - especially when he cries and is wiggling. It will be interesting to see how she does tonight when he wakes up to eat. I have missed her to and am really glad that she is home. Thank you Mom and Dad for keeping her - I know that she was in the best care possible (she gets chicken and chicken broth on her food at each feeding...I wonder why she prefers to eat at Grammy's?)

I have so much to share and update, but for now I'm headed to bed. I'll try and catch up soon.
Thank you to everyone who has called, emailed and left sweet messages..I promise that I am getting them and appreciate your thoughts and prayers.


aedozier said...

OH SHANNON! Collier is beautiful! God has such perfect timing! Can you believe you just had the birthing class and breast feeding class a few days earlier? Talk about timing! I think Collier looks like Justin. He'll change so much though. The picture of Ashlynn holding Collier is so precious! Congratulations! Hugs to you, Justin and Collier (Brinkley too)!

Our Family said...

He is beautiful! Enjoy!!! I love the name Collier! It is Cambpell's middle name. I hope all is well.

Helms Family said...

He is so cute Shannon! Enjoy him while he is little; it passess too quickly! Stephanie was telling me how much she enjoyed being with you and Justin when he was born. She said you did great and it just made her night! It's not often we get to work such sweet patients!

Gail said...

How sweet, sweet, sweet is this LIL' guy! I am so thrilled for y'all. He is so handsome, and I love the dark hair. Reminds me a little of Gradma Hicks! He is a lucky Lil' guy...Love to all of you. G