Saturday, December 19, 2009

God Thing!

Today I did a little running around to wrap up (no pun intended) my last little bit of Christmas shopping that I needed to do...and it feels great to be done and not have to think any more about running here or there! Part of my day included taking Brinkley to get a bath and I decided to leave Collier with Mom and Dad while I did that. During the cold months I take her to a pet store that has a self-serve bathing center. Its great because all of the mess is left there and I can go in and out and bath her myself and not have to pay an arm and a leg to have a clean pup! The pet store is right next to a publix and I had made a grocery list for the week before I left home. Brinkley clean...check.headed to the grocery....check....BUT..... NO LIST. I couldn't find it anywhere and I am on a time frame because I need to get back to get Collier so mom and dad could leave to go to a Christmas party (oh and btw Justin is of course out of town) . I decided to take a gamble with my brain!!!!!Here we I'm walking into the grocery with no list and I just ask God..."please give me the memory and the knowledge to remember what I need for this week, I need you Lord to help me. I can not do this with out you" Off I went and it all started coming to me. Guess what, got home and the grocery list was on the coffee table and I only forgot ONE thing! Praise the Lord for He is good. Believe me, my memory is awful I can hardly remember what day it is or what I'm supposed to do next with out a list and so to remember my grocery list was an absolute miracle and its just a God thing! I know it is all so silly and you would think that I was about to do brain surgery....but just getting through my tasks for the day (which grocery shopping was) is hard work. More praises to God, I received a job offer this week and I am so excited. I'm going to be working for a company called Jackson-Key Practice Solutions, they are a reseller for AllScripts My Way (which is a Electronic Medical Records/Practice Management software for Physicians). I start after the 1st of January and I am thrilled. God guided me through this entire situation, the interview process - which is so troubling at time. He have me a peace each step of the way and he faithfully opened and closed all of the right doors. I'm so very thankful and can't wait to get started. I am a little nervous but still excited. These past several weeks that I've been home have been so sweet to have this precious time with Collier and I couldn't have been happier. I am thankful for the time and so it will be hard to not be with him all day starting in January, but I know that I'll adjust back with God's help!

I am looking forward to enjoying this wonderful week of Christmas and just being with my family! I am so grateful for our families! Baby Jesus arrived in such a simple stable and it is a simple reminder that it doesn't have to be much but instead who you are blessed to be with! I wish for you and your family a sweet and simple time spent over this Christmas time.

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Amy Kennedy said...

SO excited about your new job for you Shannon! That is great news. And so happy you've been able to spend all this fun time around Christmas being w/Collier. Your Christmas card was precious!! Thanks for sharing your story. I think God is more willing to help/guide/direct us when we let him in on the small details of our day like that and put all our dependency and trust in him. You certainly did not remember all that on your own! Have a great Christmas week!