Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh Christmas Fun

I got all of my Christmas village up and displayed (which is always a great big task) and almost have my mantel like I like it. The mantel is a topic of controversy this year! If you were around last year, you would have learned that I am married to a Christmas Elf and he likes Christmas village on the mantel! So, when I put my Nativity scene on the mantel this year he wasn't exactly thrilled..... BUT I love it!! We'll see if he accepts this change!!
We got our tree yesterday and I was so excited! But according to my Christmas Elf we must wait one day before lighting and decorating so that the tree will "fall". So, lighting and decorating in front of a roaring and beautiful fire is our plans for the night. Justin is building the fire right now and I'm boiling water for my yummy hot chocolate. Collier is just waking up from an afternoon nap! We have a fun night in store. I'll be sure to share pictures soon! Hope that your night is Merry and Bright!


Amy Kennedy said...

I love that little Collier is his Santa hat Shannon! He is too cute. Hope y'all had fun last night-and how fun to wake up to snow this morning! What is the latest on the job search? Keep me posted. Love you!

Gail said...

Hey Dear, I wrote your Mom a e-mail. Please tell her to read it before Tuesday. Thanks...Love your new PIC's of the doll-baby!