Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

It is funny how you have a situation in your head and then when it actually occurs it is completely different! Well, yesterday we went to visit Santa. I love Santa and think that he is magical! Collier had just gotten up from his nap and he had a full belly so what better time to go and see Santa than when you're well rested with a full belly! I imagined that Collier would feel the same way and that he would coo at Santa and play with Santa's beard or with the fur on his coat. UMMM, not so much! We sat him in Santa's lap and he didn't even respond. No smile, no expression, no magical excitement! He didn't cry but didn't act excited either! Mom and I, of course, were cracking up at his blank look of boredom! Oh well, not what I had pictured in my silly head, but we did capture the moment and have it for our memory book.
Collier is trying so hard to crawl but has not yet been successful! We don't have any carpet/rugs in our den and therefore he doesn't have anything to get traction on. He'll get to his knee's and then his legs slide out from under him. He wants to move so bad, but hasn't put it all together quite yet. Which is fine with me by the way. I love this stage. He is so sweet and I love to hear him "talking" or jabbering it is such a sweet sound. He is so sweet and is back to sleeping normal and through the night. I am really thankful for that too!
It amazes me how fast time is passing by. It makes me sad that this season is going by so fast, I am still not finished with my shopping and preparing, although I am close! We're looking forward to celebrating Christ birth with Collier for the first time! Merry Christmas!

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deidre, george robert and mary martin said...

i love the picture! he is so not impressed! but at least he is not crying. :) mm didn't really want to sit with him this year but she wants that barbie bike and pink guitar too bad not to! haha. merry Christmas!!