Monday, May 17, 2010

20 Miles Logged

That is 20 miles and 4 hours of running time that I logged on Sunday with my TNT group! Whaahooo! You may ask, how do you feel? Please let me share:
  • Happy
  • Very proud of myself
  • Hot
  • Sweaty
  • So thankful that it was cloudy 90% of the time we were running
  • Thankful to have it done and prove to myself that I can do this
  • I had energy and wasn't exhausted at the end
  • I felt that I had the endurance to continue (which I will still have 6.2 more to go on race day)
  • Love'n me some gu gels and Gatorade!
  • My legs hurt - thighs, calves, hamstrings, knees are very sore
  • Not sure how my legs didn't fall off
  • I am thankful for 'the stick' to massage out my muscles
  • Thankful that my husband rubbed my back and shoulders
  • I didn't like sitting in a bath of cold water and ice AFTER the run (I was supposed to sit for 20 minutes and ONLY made it about 5 before I had to jump out...brrrrr!)
  • I burned over 2000 calories and so I ate a guiltless bowl of chocolate ice cream last night
  • Thankful that I didn't have to do this alone and that two other STRONG women were there to encourage, support and make the miles go by faster
  • Thankful for a proven training program through Team In Training
  • Thankful to God that I am healthy and able to run and survive 20 miles!

Here we are AFTER running 20 miles - these are two power women!!!


Crazy Lady said...

Congrats on the run! That is awesome.

I loved your motherhood post.

Molly Nickoles said...

So awesome!! I know how hard it is. You look like you didn't even break a sweat. The other 6.2 are going to be a breeze on race day!!

Amy Kennedy said...

So proud of you Shannon! You will definitely be ready when the race gets here!!