Thursday, May 20, 2010

Swing and Sleep

Yesterday we finally hung Collier's swing that he got from his Mela and Buzz for his birthday. I have been dying to get it hung because I know how much he is going to enjoy it! He swang yesterday afternoon and today! loving the swing already!
Yesterday was also the beginning of an unusual sleep habit. Actually Mom had mentioned that earlier in the week he had been standing up in his crib instead of sleeping. Normal routine is when he gets sleepy, turn on his music, lay him down, be sure he has both Ginger (Giraffe) and Maurice (Monkey) in his arms and he goes to sleep. This routine is the same for naps as well as bed time. Yesterday every time Mom laid him down for his naps he would roll over and stand up immediately and cry. She laid him down SEVERAL times and no luck. So, she got him up and decided to give him early lunch - fill that tummy up and try again. No such luck again. All day yesterday he had a 30 minute nap and 10 minute nap and finally took an hour nap before dinner. At 9:00 last night we were getting ready for bed and he acted really sleepy so we laid him down as usually and immediate he popped up and stood at the edge of the crib crying. Justin laid him down 2 or 3 times and he couldn't get him to stay down. So, we decided to just let him cry it out and see what he would do. 20 minutes later he was still screaming and crying. So I gave in and went in and got him, rocked him and got him settled down. He fell asleep in my arms and I laid him down and before I was out of the room he was standing up crying again. I decided to try and let him watch his favorite video (Cedarmont Kids...I highly recommend it) and after 3 songs I realized that it wasn't winding him down and that I needed to turn it off. So, I went back to his room and rocked him, again he fell asleep I put him down and he was immediately up. By now it is after 10:00 and I am tired and ready for bed. Change of strategy. Stay in the room and as soon as he rolls over lay him back down. No talking and no eye contact. I did that about 30 times before he finally stayed on his back but it was only realizing that when he opened his eyes and could see me that he didn't try and stand up. As long as I stood by the crib and he could see me he was fine. So I did and he finally went to sleep BUT he was awake at 5am STANDING UP! for another 30 minutes of my lay him back down strategy he finally closed his eyes long enough for me to sneak out. He only slept an hour longer before he was up. He did the same thing with my Mom today. This afternoon I decided that I would going to let him cry it out....and not give in. Being VERY tired (he has only had a short 30minute nap today and that is it) and it took him about 7 minutes of standing up before he sat down. The then almost fell asleep sitting up before he fell over and finally gave in! Whaoooo. Nappy Time!
I am praying hard that this is just a weird week and not an actual habit. Any suggestions? He also has his top two teeth that are about to pop through and I assume this may have something to do with it????????

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Amy Kennedy said...

I am sorry about the rough time w/sleep issues Collier has had! Yikes! Hopefully it is those teeth popping through and just a little phase. It's so hard when they do something out of the ordinary-I never know what to do!! I may just let him cry it out (I know that sounds mean but that's what we have to do around here sometimes!) and hopefully he'll get back to his normal little napping/nighttime routine. Oh and girl we LOVE some cedarmont kids at our house too. When I ask if she wants to watch her video she goes absolute NUTS with excitement, screams and starts flapping her hands and running to the tv. It is hilarious. We should swap out b/c I go to bed and wake up singing those songs, and in the correct order which is even more sad. Love the swing, great b'day present!! We need to play this summer. Hope tonight goes better for you!!