Monday, May 10, 2010

Being a Mother

It really is a special privilege to be called a Mom (or momma or mommy or mother). It is an honor and a joy and I am thankful to be one. Being a mom means that you love your baby or babies with more love than you ever knew that you had. It is no longer having your own schedule but revolving around their sleeping and eating times. It is picking up toys. It is getting up in the middle of the night to sooth and calm your sweet baby. It is changing lots of diapers, and even being peed on. It is a gentle spirit to care and nurture them. Being a mom means that sometimes you are all they want/need. It is having your heart melt when your sweet baby falls into your lap to be showered with love. It is watching as your tiny baby grows way too fast into such a big boy. Being a mom is a satisfying feeling. It is a blessing and I hope and pray that in every moment of my Motherhood that I am a blessing to God!

I pray that Collier will be a man who loves the Lord and who knows that our Father in heaven is with him and that He will provided for his every need. I pray that Collier will trust and depend on God always and that he will have an impact on the Kingdom of God!

I am also thankful to have such an amazing mom, myself, who did all of this for me. She has always pours out her love to Chris and me (and even our spouses) and she has made so many sacrifices for the sake of us! She is a wonderful example of living a Christ filled life. I know that she prays for me and there is peace in knowing that someone is praying on your behalf. I love you mom and thank you so much for all that you do. Thank you for being my friend and my mom. I am so very thankful to have you close by and wouldn't know what to do if we lived in difference cities. I love to watch the love between you and Collier! You are so special to us!

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Cheryl said...

Shannon, you expressed so well how I felt as a mother. God in His amazing plan shared you and Chris with Dad and me. Thank you so much for your kind words. We all need to hear kind, loving, thoughtful words from those we love. I love you and love to watch your share God's love and gentleness with Collier.
May God bless you and Collier and Justin with all His grace, love and mercy...His peace, joy!
I love you.