Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Total Confusion

In honor of the big week of the Iron Bowl I feel that I need to share this.  I am sorry to all of my fellow Auburn fans that he must wear all of the Alabama garb...but he does have more Bama shirts than Auburn, I am ashamed.  Maybe Santa will change that this Christmas.  But I am thrilled to share that he loves and knows the Auburn Fight Song!  I posted on Instagram the other day that Collier has been calling an orange and blue polo shirt his 'Roll Tide' shirt. I continue to try and correct him and will go back and forth with him that it is a War Eagle shirt because it is Auburn colors...NOT Alabama!  He will not agree and I continue to battle.  But here is the funny thing.  Justin got a hold of Collier early and anytime I would say War Eagle he would yell right back at me Roll Tide!  So, I sort of gave up and considered it my loss but that I would be sure to raise my little girl with Orange and Blue.  I am happy to report my little man has come around.  I started singing the fight song to him [mostly in the car]and he is loving it.  Honestly he is clueless what Auburn and Alabama are.  He is clueless about which is which and who is who.  He doesn't fully understand i all just yet and I would say that is because we are in a split household.  If we were full out one way or the other he wouldn't know the other side!
I am certain he may need therapy due to all of this maddening confusion
I just know that he is handsome in orange and blue...
Who am I kidding?  He is stink'n cute in anything...even crimson and white

Further proof that he will need therapy:

War Eagle and regardless of the beat-down that will probably occur Saturday I will always always be proud to be an Auburn Tiger. 

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