Monday, March 4, 2013

My Babies

As we quickly approach Kenley's first birthday, I am just beside myself that she is about to turn one!  Nothing seems to slow her down.  She is my little shadow and will follow us all over the house.  Her favorite thing is to pull all of Collier's cups, plates and bowls out of the drawers in the kitchen [I have them in low drawers so that he has access to them all].  She also likes the bag of bath tub letters that are soft and great for chewing on!  
 Collier is into spiderman [can only assume the this is from his class full of boys because he hasn't ever seen an episode of spiderman] and also into guns of every kind and sort.  We work hard on gun safety and it is a work in progress for sure.  He recently has become interested in bow and arrows.  Usually he tries making any kind of coat hanger into a bow and arrow.
 Kenley has started on whole milk [beginning of February] and she is now only nursing morning and night and gets whole milk through the day.  She doesn't seem phased at all.  Just fill that tummy up and she is happy!
 Collier is coming around more and more to like his sister!  Each passing month brings new tiny steps that makes my heart sing praises to the Lord!  Literally.  Let me emphasize TINY, it is slow but any progress, I am thankful for!  He is really helpful with her too and this helps a ton
 Kenley thinks that Collier is very funny!  and so do I!
 Kenley is very inconsistent in her napping routine and habits. Some days she will nap three times and other days she will only nap once.  The once a day nap days will almost kill my mom!  Collier on the other hand is an awesome napper.  Although he does resist going down and has these arguments of why he shouldn't nap: 'I don't need a nap', 'I don't like my bed',  'I'm not going to take a nap', and most commonly used is 'It's not my favorite thing to do'.  But once he gets snuggled in, he naps great!
 We dance at our house!  Kenley is just starting to bounce and rock when music is playing.  I think I have well documented Collier dancing.  He loves it.  Which makes me think we should have a dance'n night at our house!
 Collier is working hard on writing his own name...this is unprompted by me.  We have a white board on our refrigerator and he just likes to write on it and seems to practice his name most of the time.
 Kenley has been going to the one year old nursery on Sundays for the past month and a half because she is on the move so much.  They can't believe she isn't even one and moving like she is!
I am happy to report that Collier has gotten his hair cut since these pictures were taken, it was long over due and is much better trimmed up :)

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