Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Newest Game

Check out this new game - or maybe it is just the age old King Of The CHAIR!
Collier Lays down in his chair - of course very innocently.  Kenley quickly approaches
 Kenley proceeds to climb on top of Collier
 Stepping all over him to reach the highest point that is possible
 giggling  and squealing begin to escalate
 Collier defends his chair, he will not allow defeat!
 Collier takes down Kenley
 Kenley fights hard to take over
 Only to be dominated and drug away from her target
 Collier quickly resumes his position...
 But only to realize that Kenley is back for more!  Repeat game!
 And then Mommy begs for smiles to capture sweet moments of playing and giggling together!
 That is until someone falls off of the chair and screaming and hear covering ensues!

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