Monday, July 22, 2013

Pool Days

We are so thankful that Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Hunter have a house with a pool!  We have really enjoyed afternoon and days at their pool this summer.  Justin actually referred to it as our 'second home' when we are actually in town on the weekends.  It is perfect to get to drain some energy and enjoy the sunshine when it is out!  Kenley loves the water and splashing and is basically fearless (aka clueless) of all things related to water!  Collier is getting better and better with swimming and more confident.  He only likes to stay in the shallow end but is doing really good!

 Pool games...diving for rings and rockets and a paddle ball!
 Uncle Hunter was squirting her with the water gun and she was loving it, laughing and wanting more!!
Collier made Lemonlade this weekend...his (and mine) very favorite.  and I wish that he would never same lemonade correctly...please say lemonlade forever!!

I am still not caught up on laundry, although I am getting close.  My house is not clean and I am slightly behind on work stuff.  I loved my weekend with my family and having time together to play and laugh!  So many blessings, my cup runneth over!

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