Sunday, July 28, 2013

Working Man

I know that I have posted again and again about my working little man.  But there is just something so sweet about him wanting so badly to work along side Justin that it makes every fiber of my being happy!  This weekend was no exception.  Plus I need all of this proof when he is 13 and has to do house and yard work and wants to do something else.  I am already praying hard that his work ethic will continue!!

Friday, He helped me clean the inside of the house.  Vacuuming and mopping the whole house.  He would get so made at me, when I went over his work while he was mopping....'I want to do this all all by my own self, I don't need your help'.  He lost that battle, because it was team work and we were going at it together - aka: mommy will work behind you to be sure we are getting good and clean.  But I have to be honest, that most of the time he was getting it pretty good all by his own self!

Saturday, once we decided that it wasn't going to pour (even though it was very cloudy)..Justin and Collier had hard work to do OUTSIDE.  Mowing, blowing, weed-eating, edging!  He was so very happy!  Even though he did take a few snack and drink breaks, he spent well over 2 hours outside helping Justin.

It was blazing hot and our sweet neighbor came over to help Justin finish was nice to have a little help to get done a bit quicker!   All of this hard work also gave us a really good afternoon nap, all 4 of us!

After church today, I got to go to the grocery story!  What?!?  Collier just didn't want to go and Kenley was napping, so I went solo!  It is a crazy treat to knock out the grocery without someone else asking for snacks, drinks and to 'hold your list'.  Needless to say it was much quicker than normal, and that is always a good thing.  After dinner tonight, Collier helped me unload the dishwasher, reload the dishwasher, feed brink and then change over the laundry.  See, the boy likes to work.  There is a slightly down side to all of his desires to help with every single really can slow any job/task to be double or triple the time.  It is usually worth it, but it is a little challenge if you need to get something done really quick!  But I am just thankful that he wants to be involved and get all of the hard work done!  It seems to be satisfying to his soul, so we'll do all that we can to feed it!

And here is to trying to capture both of them together!  One day, one day :)

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