Friday, July 19, 2013

Zoo Day

We went to the zoo today with some friends.  It was hot, it was fun, it was the perfect way to drain some good energy!  Since Collier isn't in school this summer we have missed seeing so many of our fun friends day to day.  So, we decided to spend the morning with his friend Ethan and his mom and sister (who is just a few weeks younger than Kenley)
We saw a sea lion show (and I called the sea lion a seal the entire time...oops!  Thankfully Ethan knew better than me and corrected me :))
The boys had maps to get us around to all of the right places!

 They got to throw apples to the elephants and that was really cool!

Our zoo has a splash pad that is loads of fun.  In the past Collier hasn't really been interested but having a friend certainly helped with the enthusiasm and excitement of trying it out this trip.  Kenley loved it as much as the boys did.

And best of all, we were all tired and rest for a restful and relaxing afternoon!  I truly love my Fridays.  I am thankful for the day that I get to spend with my little ones while they are still little!  I so much appreciate days like today - realizing  what huge blessings that God has given me with my family!

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