Monday, September 15, 2014

Kenley's Turn

Catch up: this is very late...

So, Kenley was next in line to start school.  She has started in 2 Year Old Preschool...or do you just call it mothers day out?  it is at preschool so that is what I am sticking with!  She could not have been more ready.  Although when she went to meet the teacher she wasn't as excited as she was the day that she started.  She calls it her Scool Class and is thrilled on Tuesday's and Thursday's when she gets to go.
This was meet the teacher and once she got her cookie and car magnet she was set and ready to leave!

On her first day, she ran in and jumped into Mrs. Jennifer's arms and gave her a huge hug!  

Side Note: I am glad that as she begins her first school experience at 2 she is potty trained and passey free! whew.

She loves going to her scool-class and runs and jumps all the way in.  She likes to name each of the children that are in her class on the way to school.  It is so cute how she says their names.  I am thankful that she has such sweet and fun teachers.  

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