Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our Weekend Recap

Whew, a busy and fun weekend just passed by.  Just like time, flew by in a blink of an eye!  I am trying to take it in and appreciate and value my time together as a family.  As another friend said - enjoy these moments because in a few more years they will not be waving and calling our names in the middle of a ball game!

The church around the corner from our house had a big consignment sale over the weekend.  Mom went and found a 'new to Collier' bicycle.  Since we took the training wheels off of this other bike, it has been obvious that he is needing and ready for the next size up.  So, when I picked him up from school we went straight to their house to see his new surprise.  He was ecstatic!  It has a kickstand and a water bottle with holder!

Friday evening was a fun dinner with our church small dinner group.  Kids included and lots of fun to fellowship with our church friends.  I don't have any pictures but love to get to know one another better!

Saturday began with begging and pleading for a bike ride.  Justin and I both had lists of things that needed to be done.  So, we did our best to knock them out and off we went for a long bike ride for Collier and stroller ride for Kenley.  Both were very happy and content!

Look At The Camera.
Put your bottle down
Oh, well!
It's impossible to get them both looking

We of course squeezed in football watching and napping in our day too!
Sunday was a wonderful church service that ended with us racing out to get home, lunch crammed in, clothes changed and to Collier's first Fall Tball Game!

After T-Ball, Kenley napped and Collier and I went for another bike ride adventure.  My house is a total mess, but I enjoyed every moment as watching Collier just beam with happiness on his new bike.  I only thought about my piled up laundry once or twice before being wrapped up in his smiles and pure joy of doing what he loves!  He had 100% of my attention - no phone, no sister, no distractions.  Just me and the road on his new wheels!

And just for the record - I think he has grown 2 feet in the past month..e has gotten so tall and is EATING A TON!  10 minutes after a big and full dinner (and usually desert) he is hungry and asking for something more!  I can't seem to keep the kitchen stocked.
Kenley on the other hand plays more with her food than eats it!  Oh well.

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