Monday, September 29, 2014

Nursery Rhyme Theater

The Kindergarten classes have a Nursery Rhyme Theater at Collier's school.  He chose a few weeks ago what character he wanted to be.  He told me over and over again 'It can't be a fancy costume' and so I tried to oblige and keep it simple.  Collier is such a rule follower - almost to a fault.  I am after-all thankful that it didn't need/want to be fancy because I pulled it together in about 2 hours the afternoon before.

Collier chose the Dog from Hey Diddle Diddle and his roll was to laugh 'to see such a sport'.  He didn't sing at all while it was his turn to be front and center but sang every other song while in the bleachers.  He explained later 'I was not supposed to sing while up front because I was supposed to laugh.  But on the stairs you are supposed to sing'.  well, that explained that!

He did great and I thought he was so stink'n cute!  The whole program was very well done.  I loved it.

And Kenley loved it too.  She stood still - mesmerized - for a long time watching each of them acting and singing.  And then decided she wanted to sit down.  I rarely see her sit so still and quiet.  It was really precious to see her so fascinated with the older kids!  Way too cute!

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