Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Thoughts

I am still trying to catch up on cleaning my house, doing laundry and especially work work. I'm getting there as quick as I can but am struggling a little. So, I don't have much for you today except some very random thoughts.

1. While we were in San Diego Brinkley got a hair cut! I love it and she has to feel better with a lot less hair. She is easier to bathe...which reminds me she needs a bath BAD! And I think that she looks AWESOME! 2. Speaking of hair cuts, Collier really needs one. Not that it is out of control but it is long and out of shape. Where in the world do I take him for his FIRST hair cut?

3. I ran yesterday for the first time since running the marathon. I only ran 3 miles and the last 1/2 mile was a little painful in the knee that hurt while running the full. I hope to run a 1/2 marathon by the end of the year. Yes I did it backwards - Full then Half and I think that I'll appreciate the half a lot more! I'm going to try a combination of Yoga and running to keep me in shape...well and maybe a little weights since my arms needs some toning!

4. Justin and I are leaving Collier AGAIN this weekend... My In-Laws will be here to play with Collier and Brinkley - to keep them from eating eachothers food, be sure that they don't play with fireplace tools and well to just hang out! Thanks Mella and Buzz!!!!! All of this so that we can attend a very fun wedding that I'll share about next week.
5. My Vegitables are growing well...in pots....I really need a little more sun light on my back patio and I think that they would be a little happier. They are doing good but not as good as I think that they could do. We have tomatoe's (3 different kind), peppers (3 different kind), cucumber, zuchinni, strawberries and a few herbs. I will be a happy camper when our tomatoes ripen up. I love fresh tomatoes! Actually that is the only kind I LIKE.

6. On a much sadder note, the guy that I ran the Marathon in honor of, David Nelson, has taken a turn for the worst. The chemo is not strong enough to fight the cancer and it isn't good. He has been on a ventilater and they are taking him off today. Either he will be fine and God will have delivered a miracle (which is very possible...God can do ANYTHING) or he will be completely cured and will go home to be with the Lord. Will you please pray for this family. He is only 28 and he has 2 young boys and a wife who is currently expecting their 3rd child. She is strong in her faith and knows that she is living in God's will. It is really amazing how strong and what an example she is. I have to be honest that I haven't ever meet this family but my heart breaks for them....David is a childhood friend of my best friend Lindsey! I am so thankful for our health and my husband and child - Go hug your husband and children and be thankful they are all well! I can't imagine the possiblity of not having my husband and especially being a single mother to 3 children.

7. Oh I heard a comercial on the radio today for Beef and I think it was Matthew McConaughey - very random but gosh he is cute, even on the radio! Of course not as hot as my husband though!

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