Friday, June 11, 2010

It is done!

Well, I am just now getting the chance to sit down at the computer for a little blogging update. It has been a busy and fun 2 weeks. After a wonderful weekend at the lake for Memorial Day, we came home for a few days before we headed to San Diego. Collier went with Mom and Dad back to the lake and worked through a little virus while we were gone, but he is feeling much better now and only has a rattling cough that isn't all that bad.

Back to San Diego. I wish that I could spill all of the details of our trip because it really was so much fun. We had a blast with new and old friends, lots of laughing, delicious food, beautiful weather and of course a long 26.2mile run! That is what the trip was all about so that is what I will start with. Team In Training is an amazing organization (funding The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) and has a huge impact on a lot of people. The impact that it has had on me, is the coaching that was available to assist and prepare me for running a marathon. Along the way, through fundraising, I know that I am able to make a difference for those patients and families who have these horrible blood cancers. We heard and saw the impact that these cancers have on people and their families and it is nothing short of heart breaking. Thanks to LLS they are working to find a cure...until there is a cure we can not stop fighting for the research to continue! I want to thank everyone who donated to my efforts to raise money for LLS, know that you contributed to the $12million that was raised for LLS by the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon and 1/2 Marathoners! That is amazing. You have no idea how much your support (financial and emotional) is appreciated. All of my hard work of training and fundraising certainly paid off!

I have to give HUGE props to my running partner, Crystal. We stuck together the entire race and if it hadn't been for her I am not sure that I would have made it! The race course was for the most part very pretty (except about 4 miles of interstate that was sort of boring) and we had lots of entertainment with TONS of people cheering, holding signs, spraying water and even several bands along the course...all of that certainly helped to pass the miles by a little quicker. Not to mention there were some pretty interesting runners as well - men dressed as women, crazy purple to represent TNT, tutu's, batmen undies, and that is just to name a few. I hit my wall around mile 18 and struggled the rest of the race. I had knee pains that wouldn't let go! I fought through it with Crystal's help....she gave me great analogies to distract me and help me focus on the finish line. I was so grateful that neither of us had any major injuries, just a few aches, pains and blisters...nothing that a few days weeks of recovery won't take care of. When I reached the .8miles I could finally see the finish line and I lost it, all of the emotions of determination and victory came to a head and I started bawling crying. A TNT coach saw me crying and ran me almost to the finish yelling encouraging words...not to mention our coach had joined us and was kind to remind me to "change my face and put a smile on" before I crossed the finish line. Nice to have experienced coach knowing that they would be taking pictures and that I didn't need a sad face to capture such a HUGE moment. I did the best I could and crossed with a smile and thanking God as I crossed the finish line. The moment I saw Justin I started crying again! I felt so accomplished and proud to have finished such an amazing goal! It took us 5Hr. 50Min. 26.2 Miles...I am officially a Marathoner! How cool is that!

One last note to add. I have to give a special thanks to my sweet husband who was VERY supportive and encouraging and proud through the whole weekend. He sacrificed a lot for me during all of my training and really helped so very much. He is who I knew I would get to see at the finish line and that was enough to push me on as well. I know this probably sounds crazy, but I had the feeling in my stomach like I did on our wedding day as I waiting to walk down the isle (we didn't see each other before) and I couldn't wait to see him....that was all that I could think of in the last 3 miles just getting to the finish to see Justin there waiting. I knew that he would be proud of me and knowing that was a big reward! It was awesome and I am thankful to have him! (wiping tears from my eyes...sorry to get gooshy)

I'll be back to share some other pictures from the rest of our trip....


Crazy Lady said...

wahoo congrats!

Amy Kennedy said...

That is awesome Shannon. Nathan and I both loved reading this! So proud for you-huge accomplishment!!

aedozier said...

I have tears in my eyes looking at your pics! I was very emotional at the end of my half marathon! I guess all that hard work and determination just wells up inside! It is an awesome feeling! I can't wait to say I did 26.2 like you (February)!! The pics of you girls at the finish line are awesome!!!!! And y'all look gorgeous! Way to go Shannon!!!!