Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I can hardly believe that it is just now 8:00. I was up before 6 this morning worried about Hydrangea's... Our road is under construction and the construction required a corner of my neighbors yard to be pulled up...they were just going to destroy about 6 Hydrangea plants and I got permission to dig them up and move them if I wanted! I intended to do it yesterday afternoon when Collier took his nap but he didn't and then a storm rolled in. Collier and I did get over and get one before it started raining. But I really wanted to get a few more and woke up early worried that they were going to dig them up and discard them before I got to them. BUT they didn't. I was digging at 6am and successfully I think planted them in my back yard. I've never done this with out my mom's help so we'll see if they actually live....I have no idea if I dug up enough roots, planted them deep enough, gave them enough water, put them in the right place....oh the list goes on and I'm just hoping that they will actually live! Have to try to learn so we'll see. I also staked some of my tomato plants that were falling over and re-potted a parsley plant. I was almost eaten alive my mosquitoes (at 7am) and swarmed by a pack of gnats. I didn't really realize that they were out this time of day. I came inside and realized that I tracked dirt all through the house which resulted in a quick vacuuming of the den, dinning room and kitchen. I have now showered and Collier is awake playing in his to feed him breakfast and start my work day! Not sure the last time I was this productive by 8am!
Of course Justin was out of town when I could have used a little help!

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